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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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video for your media project a free media. in the egyptian capital it's claimed hundreds have been shot dead as police move into . supporting the toppled islamist president. right in the crossfire and directly witnessed some of the killings. middle eastern peace talks are in the spotlight again after a three year stalemate. israeli airstrikes on gaza and an announcement of thousands of new of settlements on palestinian land. plus brother as eavesdropping trash cans in london. we send our correspondent to investigate.
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with the world's top headlines live from moscow this is the with me rule resewn welcome to the program. a vigorous a police crackdown on the sit in supporting egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi of time cairo into a battlefield intense gunfire puddles of mud out of blood as well i should say snipers on the rooftops and lofty barricades have all been seen in the egyptian capital all of that just in today the tumble quickly spread outside of cairo and golfing other cities as well the health and security officials are so far only talking of about one hundred fifty confirmed casualties although the muslim brotherhood claims it's many times that figure. true was inside one of the protest camps while it was being attacked she has details. the egyptian president she has now announced a one month state of emergency across the country in the growing violence the
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interim president adly mansour who called on the army to support the ministry of interior and its police force in this now i have been in the heart of the clashes at the main sit in for ousted leader mohamed morsy in your city and the scenes have been extremely bloody we've had reports of at least two german this killed including a sky news cameraman who was shot dead it's been very very violent as the security forces moved in on these encampments. whereas the second city in the incoming was completely destroyed as bundo uses all the shelters and the tents after firing volleys of tear gas and bullets on the protesters there however the clashes continue on there extremely fierce in the rubber of the way a mosque in nasr city the security forces moved in on protesters at around six thirty this morning and started firing at them at seven am using birdshot bullets tear gas and also live ammunition which i have actually seen with my own eyes and
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they have surrounded it that continued to surround the entire city and firing both out protesters inside and also anyone attempting to get in the background to this is that the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy. said that they wanted to be reinstated on the constitution they started these two sit ins in the capital and across the many different governorates over a month ago saying they will not leave until he is put back in place as i approached the city and security forces as i said blocked off every entrance even the smallest size streets which resulted in was basically the side road where the police and the military would fire heavily on anyone approaching including journalists like myself residents and families of people trapped inside i had to duck behind cars behind any concrete barricades that i could find as being fired at me both from above and from the fronts including tear gas the i was stinging it was almost impossible to breathe it was on i was unable to ascertain whether this was
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in fact like i mean but i heard a lot of automatic weapon fire and also i heard what sounded like rifle rounds i then went i managed to make my way into the sit in after hours of being shot at and found protesters as i said trying to find shelter and i said women and children in mary's well the field hospital itself is in the heart of the clashes you have to run through a corridor of the night i mean to get some protesters were doing meanwhile others that were wearing the qur'an around their neck and chanting defiantly against the police post saying they will not be intimidated paramedics were carrying stretches to the front line with their uniforms covered in blood saying that number of people had died in the ambulances i then watched one particular protest the shots in the chest he was actually killed she died in front of me the paramedics in the ambulance attempted to resuscitate him but it didn't work he died right there with a gunshot wound to his chest and another one to his leg so clearly it looks like the security forces are shooting to kill for my contacts inside the field hospital
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they say the people have. and the chest and you can follow bell on twitter for instant updates on what's happening in cairo throughout the day she's been sharing her thoughts on what it's like to be caught up in the very i over the storm as the police continue to move in on the protesters or earlier in the program we spoke to . a spokesperson for the muslim brotherhood in the u.k. let's get reaction to the unfolding chaos. the international community says. one of the worst is the worst massacre in the modern history of egypt hundreds if not thousands. thousands of innocent peaceful egyptians who went there calling for the democracy back where shot in cold blood the reports from the makeshift field hospital there over two thousand two hundred innocent peaceful civilians were killed you are talking about hundreds of those killed but can you
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name your source please my source is other doctors. the doctors at the make a makeshift field hospital they produced a report saying at least two thousand two hundred bodies are there they only could other than to five three hundred but because there are thousands of people injured the estimation of the people injured is around ten thousand people injured the protest has spread all over egypt what's happening now is much bigger than the muslim brotherhood is much bigger than the president morsi it's about egypt it's about free egypt it's about the democracy it's about the human rights in egypt we're seeing that return of a military state or turn of. emergency law which which has only been used to violate our human rights as free egyptians today from your camera i would like to urge the international community not to stand silent in front of this moderation in front of the few mass killing that is happening in twenty thirty in the silence of the international community or let's discuss the deadly unrest gripping the country
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with egyptian activist fuss joining us live here on the program thanks for coming on r.t. today a big hello to you from moscow egyptians being killed seemingly on mass by government forces deep inside their own capital some already saying that perhaps egypt is back to his totalitarian past. yeah actually that's. what's happening here since like the third of july the coup started actually they started with like. for the regulation the tried to appeal to the public and to the international community that this is not a coup and that's why they put like the screen of them some civilians but actually that's not the case and they cannot stop it because like the civilians are totally not in power or in charge but actually is trying to rule the scene is the military so what's happening what we're seeing today actually is not so priceless we know that this is how the military thinks we know that the the just think that the other side isn't and the i don't think about the political discussions of the political.
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dimension just a moment ago that the people don't really have a choice for interrupting you but we have reports from egyptian television that weapons and ammunition were found inside the protest camps and apparently used later on it is impossible to think the police had no choice when they had to act and stop this. ok i have i have two answers here and one of the people that i'm not . that i'm see and democracy so i went every day. and i stayed there for a long nights i haven't liked there but i stayed there and there isn't guns actually if there was guns why they wouldn't use it actually they didn't use it and from the number of the casualties and the people wounded and the people died you can see from both sides from the. police eyes like two and this or like four and from the sides i i second what someone is saying because i have some eye witness inside the hospital it's more like of sound so how come that we can say that he had to have some gunfire this was part of the campaign that been done to paint the raba
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camp and to paint the muslim brotherhood that's the from being like a group who cannot through a country and now they move into a second stage and to a group who is practicing terrorism so that they can give them the justification to go and kill them but not the reverse you bring you bring it out you bring in a very word that has been used by many around the world already in its history of quite disturbing actually some of the people we've spoken to want to channel labeling some of the crowds that have settled inside the cams as terrorists and i mean how do you read into that. yes actually this is was the campaign it was a campaign that been done to peer in a certain group as if they're in so that they can justify the military to act with them because the military is only one side and the other side is in anyway so he cannot fight unless he paint them as an enemy and right now as a global think it's a global war against terrorism i can live at the back of any person saying that he's a terrorist so that it justify killing him or killing her and this what's happening to the launched a massive campaign in the media so that they can paint them as there is and justify
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to them that we can go and kill them this is not human this from my memory i'm not one i want to question what i don't want to throw at you quickly because we only got this news a couple of hours ago just when i got on here at r.t. tonight that mohamed el baradei the former i.a.e.a. chief inspector who was then put in the position i should say photo put in the position of vice president he's resigned from his position in reaction today today's crackdown isn't he supposed to be in effect someone who is making decisions that can affect and help save the country so it's only one of two things either he did you know that because i know mr bradley although we have like different conflicting political point of use but i know mr brown is still a human being is like a nobel prize holder in humanity in peacemaking so he cannot tolerate this massive killing it's a sack that trank into genocide soon so he cannot read that so either he doesn't know and i know that he doesn't know that interfering will be that massive violence he knew and that he designed to today and to be frank and this is something that is
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very well put in terms of political move and maneuver for mr birthday. not accepting the killing that's happening in the street and i'm not accepting the way the current regime the current military coup is acting against his own people so that's why he put a resignation. an activist there thank you very much indeed for joining us here in our greatly value your opinion there thank you thank you you thank. well thanks for joining us here on r.t. were helping to keep track of all the developments on our web site at. there we've got a live feed of the grades and all the pictures and reaction from the social media as well. now as ready jets have carried out an air strike on the gaza strip just hours ahead of the much anticipated resumption of peace talks with the palestinians and have been in
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a state of deadlock since twenty ten and with israel recently announcing plans for more than two thousand new settlement homes in the west bank and east jerusalem the already already fragile looking talks are under even greater pressure paula has details. both sides are skeptical and no one is expecting a breakthrough the problem is that these talks are resuming against the backdrop of an announcement by israel that it is expanding its system and the european union has warned that this is the palestinians also warning that this will cause the negotiations to collapse before they even begin they accuse the israeli government of trying to sabotage these talks and they also complain that current israeli settlement growth is at president to levels israel has rejected this criticism it says that every peace initiative so far has proposed that the settlements affected become part of the israeli territory the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has officially said that he wants these talks to succeed but the problem is that
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both his government and the israeli public all split over them only a twenty six of one hundred and four palestinian prisoners that israel is releasing as a confidence measure to bolster these talks we'll see if we convicted by israel of carrying out attacks against israelis before he also holds all nine hundred ninety three israeli government said that this was a difficult but necessary step but there has been demonstrations in this role by both the white room protesters and also friends and family of israelis who were killed in attacks carried out by at least some of these prisoners you should know that's majority tell you to help ease out eighty five point nine percent are gangs deal many people here and he's out here to the point you and i greet prime minister and government we feel betrayed because we are we trusted them as for the palestinians and selves hamas which is the leadership in gaza is not part of these
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negotiations and refuses to be now the palestinian president mahmoud abbas as he comes to these talks is definitely not talking with the united palestinian voice as is neither the israeli prime minister point of. television and just a bit earlier in the program i discussed the issues threatening the upcoming talks with a former spokes posting appears ready prime minister's office. currently the c.e.o. of the world form of russian speaking jewelry. we already priest building settlements you know in two thousand and ten i remind you what we got we got the unilateral steps of the palestinian authority going to the united nations i'll remind you something else in two thousand and five we gave another gesture a very big just shy of a good will and we left gaza you know everybody said we should leave gaza we did what we got we got thousands of thousands of rockets in our schools bringing. more
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i use their attics and you know yet you say. alison's and thousands and thousands of rockets alex let's not exaggerate how are you supposed to move forward when israel says netanyahu recently said that quote no one can stop us a building what we want where we want how is that going to move the peace process forward nobody will stop building in jerusalem and around jerusalem it's always story clone these this season is not born yesterday it is a reaction of the really government to the unilateral steps of the palestinian authority going breaking the accord so remind you to do you in we want security and we will build and we want to negotiate on all the issues with i'm very glad i'm very glad you want to negotiate on where the condition is i'm very glad to hear you but in the past forty eight hours the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said while visiting colombia that the u.s.
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views are all of the settlements as illegitimate but i suppose alex that the israelis need somewhere to live as a c.e.o. of the world forum of russian speaking jewelry presenting millions of russian speaking jews all over the world living in the united states in russia in israel in europe we call upon the u.s. and russia stop the pressure on israel and combine the effort against the pressure of what i sure as watching all of the voting on israel what is watching it and putting on israel with a huge jewish lobby billions in new. york and washington d.c. if we give gestures and we don't get back security and negotiations we gave the palestinian prisoners we give them gas that we give everything believe me that we can give without without damaging our security because our security is the highest priority for the jewish people for the stand for the state of israel and for the jews around the world are now much more news coming away after a very short break. i
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grew up in the air base. i dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since i was a child. i love this. little.
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what a life reacts on the crackdown in bahrain in just a moment but for now a new privacy scandal has erupted in the u.k. after it was revealed that high tech trash cans are spying on pedestrians in london the bins placed in the city's financial district by an advertising are able to identify and track mobile phones through a wireless connection and use already as of one of the surveillance to stop the country's data protection watchdog trying do an investigation when a boycott reports. just a ben think again these nifty looking lesser bins are connected so why five and
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that means that they can track the movements of each and every person walking down this street as long as they've got a smartphone that's connected so why fine now the digital stalking is all in the name of advertising simply by knowing who you are and where you're going they can alter the images on the screen here to tailor the advertisement to whoever is walking down the street in the city of london corporation have said that they also use the sun by despite technology that they've asked the company responsible for the bins to switch them off the local authority here say that schemes like this require the backing of an informed public but just how aware are the british public of the erosion of the so-called digital privacy in the wake of the n.s.a. scandal it's been revealed that it's not just commercial companies but entire governments that are spying on messages and just last week we found out that just telecom on devoted a phone had been secretly processing on details of their customer's conversations over to intelligence agency g c h q coming into our privacy on those issues without
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my knowledge it would be a cause of concern is a breach of law is a breach of confidentiality i just would have nothing to hide so i don't really care but still i don't think that. that's fair from them not telling us that we present information to governments who are true in your twenty's citizens private information should stay private i've got nothing to hide so it doesn't matter. if you get along all that stuff it's very much the other side is there anything in the final things they shouldn't do. and it to be honest with you must surveillance is now a reality of our everyday lives c.c.h. cuchulainn day to hoover and according to experts they screwed up as much information as possible online and through telephone traffic in order to school through it so there's that there'd be paying a much more. make many of you even.
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more evidence the prophecies perhaps becoming a relic of the past is presented to you online legal advice from google this morning it's mail users they should never expect their communications to be kept secret and get those details that are right now. you'll find a massive sinkhole which shows no swallowing a whole building in the thing that buried deep under the mud of the full video amazing pictures right there on the web site this hour. for the meantime here on the police in bahrain who fired tear gas and bird shot at protesters this however could just be the beginning as the gulf nations or thora has prepared for a major crackdown on dissent and wednesday marks the country's forty second anniversary of independence from britain in exactly two and a half years since the current wave of unrest began and activists say that over this period more than one hundred people were killed thousands of arrested
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including prominent human rights campaigners one of them is not build a job he's now serving a prison term for calling for and taking part in illegal gatherings or reconciliation talks between the sunni rules and the demonstrators have made little headway with the opposition claiming torture in detention is rampant let's get more on this now from. the spokesperson for bahrain's main opposition party. joining us here on r.t. good to see you today thanks for coming on the program ultimately there were already clashes in the capital over sixty localized protests around the country police to the teeth many people already calling this a severe form of crackdown on your thoughts. actually today is very important and this is. to be of issue a little of the government of life and for them this in the unfortunately. this is all new money for so much of the media. they wanted to move
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ahead with the movement and profitability two thousand and eleven we knew it would use for me to just say to the international community we are here for democracy. and you are ignoring us well ali aujali hello i'm sorry jumpy but how is it after two and a half years of clashes and violence why are the authorities not ready to let the people freely express their political concerns so the money interests in the region that will bend the democracy to more then the national interest with the juiciest the country is the the conflict in syria and the issue of iran or saudi because then his positions your political position in this region that's why the democracy is not easy to achieve but power of the people that is a servant to achieve the goals of wishing
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a civilian democracy could save them but that's why we see two and a half from once more than two and a half. years of progress and ignore us from the international community the massive security measures being taken this austerity. trying to use or abuse what's happening in egypt on the negative side the crackdown on the those who wanted to come back so they take the negative and bad things from everywhere i've seen once already service once already in the moderating capital or taking a leaf out of a perp when it comes to what's going on in egypt right now but we're you know but the place. from both sides of the fence here. there were some changes that were made or tories did give the elected parliament more oversight powers and pledged deeper investigations into alleged abuse by police it's a perhaps a reason to go easy on your calls for reform not actually all of this was from the
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government and you calling cause and that big action that happened by the us and in this in the commission of inquiry by most of the sunni if you come to baghdad now and just investigate you will see a modest nation then what's the sunni was talking about and all the sense even in geneva you p.r. the universe for this. and committed to one hundred fifty six recommendations to implement it's not been implemented and i think there is a time now in geneva coming to has another question especially probably from the human rights council to measure what's been implemented and they will discover there is no real implementation so there's no real implementation we were talking about broken promises empty promises some are concerned what point could the public anger simply boil over into an armed conflict you're talking about
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excessive force torture systematically president i don't think we will get into armed conflict and will not we will not allow our main opposition saying cannot stand on complete. bile and conflict is not good for the people the people today don't know how much be told they are and the security this is how the place that they are so the way forward this to continue with the nonviolent but this will lead the international community that despite the nonviolent movement of the people you have to contribute and are talking to all big powers all international community is be. others had to put an intention that they were for wasn't just to have a political report and this has to come through a political process is to understand the benefits of the people and service so the author is used to the people so that they govern themselves according to the
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universe exploration of human rights and the governance political and civil covenants says that people should be the source of the power and through the transformational think we will prevent them from getting into a more violent or unknown situation although the people are nonviolent but the situation the government and everything and we're seeing a massive government crackdown put into effect right now you know barbed wire fences all sorts of military patrols are out on the streets and it's a highly a lot more to come such a story out of time but a spokesman for bahrain's main opposition party out with fact a big thanks to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow thank you for your time today. well up next we will take you into the cockpits of russia's front line jet fighters live from moscow s.r.t. thank you for joining us.
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and the rest. will be briefly a. clue.